Basic Goal – $265,000, Stretch Goal – $415,000

  • Retiring Debt
    • The successful expansions of the last decade are still being paid off. Lakeview assumed debt to construct Lakeview Villages, acquire Lakeview Springs, and acquire neighboring property to fulfill goals of the ministry-wide strategic plan. (Some of this debt is included in each site’s project list cost.)
    • Retiring the debt will allow funds currently being paid in financing fees to be redirected toward other projects that further develop the ministry.
  • Staff Housing Renovations
    • Planned renovations to a recently acquired house adjacent to the Camp Lakeview site will provide more adequate housing for seasonal program assistants.
  • Administration Office / Greeters Station Creation
    • The house at the entrance to Camp Lakeview will be converted into Lakeview’s Administration office. Situating offices near the main road will provide greater accessibility for guests and visitors. At the same time, removing offices from the dining hall will provide better security for campers as deliveries, etc., can be intercepted before entering the main camp.