Basic Goal – $840,000, Stretch Goal – $950,000

  • Natural Swimming Pools and Winding Creek
    • Replacing the lake and failing dam with a network of natural swimming pools connected by a winding creek will naturally enhance the beauty of the property and provide unique recreational opportunities.
  • Family Cabins and Campground
    • Cabins with bathrooms and small kitchen amenities will accommodate families and adults well. Facilities of this type will allow Lakeview to offer more programs geared toward whole families and adults.
    • Traditional campsites (for tents and campers) will offer flexible use for families and a variety of guest types in a beautiful, natural setting.
  • Site Infrastructure
    • Providing for necessary roadways, electric, and sewage/plumbing needs will be a critical step in the development of Lakeview Springs as the ministry opportunities continue to grow at this site.